St. John's Masters
Softball League

Holdens Transport - 2019 League Champions

Mount Pearl Dental - 2018 League Champions

Holdens Transport - 2017 League & H&S Champions

Caines Grocery - 2016 League Champions

1985 Ted Williams greeting party at airport, Left to right, Ted Williams, Reg Ryan, James Crawford (Molsens), Fong Dowden, John Henry Williams

Breakfast with the Rahals

1985 Ted Williams at Bill Rahal Monument with Bill's wife and mother

Plaque inscription on Park Monument

1985 Ted Williams instructs the Provincial Junior Baseball Team, Terra Novas

1985 Ted Williams giving batting pointers

Ted Williams signing in at City Hall with Mayor John Murphy

Ted Williams introduced by Tom Murphy at City Hall luncheon

1985 Ted Williams with St. John's Mayor John Murphy

Ted Williams signing photos

Honour Guard at Bill Rahal Park

Provincial Minister Consumer Affairs and Communications James Russell, Ted Williams, and City Councillor David Barrett

Fong Dowden, James Russell, Little Leaguer, and Ted Williams

James Russell, Fong Dowden, Ted Williams, and Reg Ryan at Bill Rahal Park

Reg Ryan introducing Ted Williams at the Bill Rahal Park

Ted Williams speaking at Bill Rahal Park

Ted Williams speaking at Lester Hotel banquet

1985 Ted Williams on board with son John Henry

1985 Ted Williams on board with Reg Ryan

Provincial Airlines - 2015 League Champions

Keyin College - 2014 League Champions

Quinlan Home Construction - 2013 League Champions

Quinlan Home Construction - 2012 League Champions

Toyota - 2011 League, Heart and Stroke, & Season Champions

Provincial Airlines - 2010 League & Heart & Stroke Champions

Keyin College - 2009 League and Season Champions

Rainbow Roofing - 2007 League & Season Champions

Provincial Airlines - 2005 League Champions

Travel Management - 2004 League Champions

Kyocera Mita - 2003 League & Season Champions

Tim Hortons - 2002 League Champions

Travel Management - 2001 League, Heart & Stroke, & Season Champions

Tim Hortons - 2000 League & Season Champions

Molsens - 1998 League Champions

Tim Hortons - 1997 League Champions

Captains Quarters - 1996 League Champions

Mr. Sub - 1995 League Champions

Kings Plumbing - 1993 League Champions

Mainline - 1989 League Champions

Provincial Beverages - 1988 League Champions

Alfa Pizza - 1987 League Champions

Janes Ultramar - 1981 League Champions